How to choose Wood for your Aquarium

Creating a natural environment in your aquarium suits the fish you grow. Wood also gives an exotic look to your aquarium and makes the aquarium even more beautiful. Wood might be a great addition if you want to create a pretty underwater scene in your aquarium. But you have to be careful when choosing wood.

Natural Wood Decors

If you think that wood is available easily and can collect from anywhere and add it to the aquarium, think again. There are several things to take care of before adding wood to your aquarium.

  • The choice of wood should be perfect. Driftwood is a popular choice. Bogwood comes next as it is accustomed to the underwater conditions of a bog. Then you can use, Mopani wood, marsh root, manzanita, etc., based on your preferences.
  • The condition of the wood should be dehydrated. Fresh woods could cause algae and fungus formation in water and are not safe for the aquarium.
  • Woods tend to float in water; therefore, they have tomust be conditioned to stay underwater. For this, soak the woods in water for days or weeks. Some wood like cork never goes underwater; they can be fastened with screws or glues.
  • Some woods leech toxins like acids or sap; it is better to soak these woods in water until the leeching stops.


Adding wood to an aquarium is a good idea; fishes love it, but it has to be done with proper knowledge and precautions. Therefore it is better to use store-bought aquarium wood that is already conditioned and is safe for your aquarium.


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