Bluetooth – Different devices and the working

As Bluetooth devices are wireless, no need to have any cable or adaptor to connect two devices. These devices use radio waves to transfer signals between them. When two Bluetooth- enabled devices are close by, they get paired up with these signals. There is a chip inside the device which emits these signals. A transmitter inside the device continuously sends and receives the signals. Function of the Bluetooth device depends on the power of a transmitter.

Various kinds of devices

With the Improvement of this technology day by day various devices are available in the market. Some of them are listed below:

  • Bluetooth earpiece is commonly used by people to connect their smart phones or laptops. With this one can receive or make calls without using any hands. This is helpful to people for longer duration calls without touching their phones.
  • One can give voice instructions to the Bluetooth- enabled GPS.
  • wireless headphones which are enabled with Bluetooth are connected to music players. Smartphones and laptops are also connected to the music players.
  • Keyboard and mouse which has Bluetooth technology can connect to the laptops without any cable.
  • Bluetooth device in the car is connected to the car speaker and to the mobile phone. With this one can receive or make call without touching their mobile phone.
  • Printer which has built-in Bluetooth technology can be connected to any Bluetooth device. With this any kind of documents or pictures can be printed, by directly connecting it to the mobiles or laptops.
  • Webcam which is enabled with this technology can be kept anywhere.


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