Learn Tennis Techniques – Half Volley,Chop and Court Position

Always a difficult Shooter, this requires more perfect timing, vision and racquet work than any other, because its margin of error is smallest and it is many odds of mistakes numberless. Having said that when studying tennis techniques this shot is a must have.

Volley tennis

The Chop Stroke

A stroke that is chopping is a Shot and might be 90 degrees and the racquet is higher than 45 degrees. The racquet face moves as a man chops wood and down the side, chopping it, beyond the ball. Curve and the twist are from right to left.  It is made with a wrist. Footwork’s rules since both are made without needing weight with a swing and wrist play, the principles of footwork may be discarded but for these shots should be just like the drive and body posture not closely considered. These shots are Defensive and are apparatus once your opponent is on the baseline. Slice or A chop is tough to drive and will break up any game that is driving.  It is not a chance because it is high to cause any worry and slow to maneuver. It needs to be used as he comes in to fall soft shots at the foot of the man.

Court Position

There is a tennis court 39 Feet to net from baseline. There are two places at a tennis court a tennis player should be to wait for the ball.

  1. About 3 feet behind the baseline near the center of the courtroom or
  2. About 6 to 8 ft. Back opposite the ball from the web and almost.

The first is that the place for many baseline players. The second is the position. If you are drawn out of those positions do not stay at the point at which the ball struck at but reach one of those two positions mentioned as possible. The distance from the Baseline to about 10feet from the web could be regarded as no-man’s-land or the blank. Never linger there, because you will be caught by a shot in your feet. Retreat behind the baseline to wait for the return which means you could come forward to meet with the Volley tennis ball after making your shot against the sterile as you must do. Your position should try to be such without sacrificing security, you could cover the best area of court and the shot is the most demanding and must be covered since. It is a question of how much courtroom than that before the ball might be guarded. Without an Understanding of court position Points and of course the breath runs following shots that are impossible. When you start to learn tennis techniques at all times.


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