Significant Ways to Increase Smart Phone Battery Life

Here are some tips by saving energy, phone battery usage. An underlying principle is that savings come at the cost of tradeoffs.


  • Can consume lots of battery energy. Programs can be web browsing software and games. Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare are called energy wasters. It is a great idea leaves them running in the background or to not use software a lot.
  • Large phone screens are normally the most energy elements of phones. Try to decrease your screen’s brightness.
  • Maintain your push email off client as far as possible. This is battery is consumed by that and because these email clients keep a communication channel open.
  • GPS navigation applications should stay closed when they are not used as they have a whole lot of energy due to their satellite data processing and reading.
  • When possible, try to use 2G rather than 3G and turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when you are not using them.
  • Turning off our 3G capability is not sufficient as it is not the sort of sign that plays a role in market but also its 32 to guarantee energy savings. More energy is spent by the telephone so as to download information or make a call when the signal is not good. You may drain your phone’s battery in no time if you happen to encounter a place with signal coverage try to keep your telephone.
  • Be great life. This means that it should not be recharged by you after you should let it discharge before recharging it and until it goes below 20 percent. Never forget to pull the telephone from the socket once the battery is finished charging.
  • Temperatures often damage if heat; batteries or cold. Try not to overload your phone’s processor for times as the telephone is overheated by this and because of this the battery of the phone.
  • Update your cell phone as applications will have energy management systems – although this is not the case.
  • Bear in mind that there is a telephone restart an energy intensive procedure. So stay away from turning your phone off and on.

In order to identify which programs on your phone that is smart are currently spending the energy you can download and install an application that monitors the battery energy consumption of your phone in real time. There are countless programs for Windows or Android OS. This sort of software can provide you a great idea about which software to keep an eye on in order to boost the energy efficiency of nerdsmagazine phone. If you follow the suggestions to prolong phone battery usage above you are sure to enjoy the services of your phone for longer between recharges, presented. If this fails consider buying a replacement battery.


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