Celebrities – Create Your Own Web Movie in Easy Steps

Movie MembershipThis Guide is currently going to let you know what you will need to do in just five simple steps:

  1. Produce a storyline that is brief and write it yourself or get someone to write it.

Odds are if you are not a writer, you know a few. It is very probable that there is at least one on your class. Either on your own or decide what sort of character you wish to play, and then write a two-page scene.

  1. Find somebody that has a video camera which you can use to take at your scene.

The camera you use does not need to be high end. You can start with something that is easy to use and lower end. The thing that is mainly is to get your short movie without worrying about it done. As you go, you can learn.

  1. Shoot at your movie in 1 room.

Keep it simple. Take at a Master Shot. Then shoot at it in Close-Up or a Medium Shot. Make sure that there is no sound in the background. Doing the right that is audio is the toughest part.

  1. Load the footage and edit your movie.

Once it is on your computer, it will be which you can edit using a program like Windows Movie Maker which comes with your PC. You must edit your movie. Proceed to the Microsoft website to learn about using Windows Movie Maker. You can also search libertyland to find editors to your Mac. You can ask friends in your classes if they know how to edit. Or get your editing or directing friends to assist you. Windows Movie Maker is designed so it is very easy if you follow directions and sit down. It is going to get you started, although it is not the most effective. You can export it once you edit it from the program. Locate the Export command and follow directions from there.

  1. Upload it to like YouTube websites, Facebook, MySpace and your site.

Begin by placing it in your networking places that are basic, such as Facebook or MySpace. Tell people about it. Email your friends. Post it on video websites that are different. You can start your own channel for one, on YouTube. Even though you would not get paid for this, by developing a persona, you could begin to develop a following or fan base. The most important thing is to begin. Take what you learn and once you do your first one do another one. You might get your staff on doing a series of these to plan. Most celebrities sit and Wait to get calls. To give yourself a chance -you need to initiate your personal projects. It is that easy.


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