Keep your business secured with asecurity label

The security label is a security product that makes it easy to distinguish your original products from counterfeits. Regardless, whether it is clothing, electrical appliances, luxury goods, technical components, or medical products, counterfeits are active in every industry.

The organization for economic development estimates the tremendous damage caused by product piracy worldwide at no less than 600 billion dollars per year and no matter whether that figure is correct or not, it is a lot and it is growing steadily.

Use of security label

Many of these fake products are dangerous to people’s health and well-being. This is especially true for medicines, foods, and beverages but also spare parts like the ones in cars for example. Knock-off products of inferior quality can even be life-threatening. After all these years, a tried and proven method to stick into these types of piracy

and fraud is the use of a security label because you can address multiple safety requirements at once.

In markets where fake products are widespread, consumers have come to expect proof of authenticity and this trend is especially prevalent in Asian markets. Many of these security labels are multi-functional devices as they feature multiple characteristics and most importantly tamper evidence and proof of authenticity. In addition, they can be used to digitize your products and branded products can also be easily identified as genuine and more trustable both physically and digitally. Product security is based on evident packaging thereby also ensuring that they can not be transferred to fake products. Some of the labels might include a unique code that protects your product even more from being stolen.


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