Things to Look For a Managed Services Provider

Service ProviderThe reasons for deciding to engage a services provider as a business resource for your company may be evident; cost savings, security and reliability. Now comes the tricky part. In order for one take under account the following factors when dividing the world of managed services providers.

Prices and Cost Savings

To a certain degree cost is always among the key deciding factors when deciding on a managed services provider and it is a consideration. When calculating how much these services will cost your organization, first ensure that you are comparing apples to apples and think about the cost savings you will realize from increased proactive support that will maximize your uptime and productivity; and the benefits of the ability to budget for your service to a predictable monthly flat-fee subscription basis. .

Deal Review

Obtain a comprehensive agreement outlining precisely what services will be supplied what services are not covered but rather billed in addition to the monthly fee and by the arrangement. Verify which sort of support is contained in the agreement and whether the service is twenty four hours a day, seven days a week or if there will be fees for weekend service or your after-hours needs.

Care, Monitoring and Safety

Confirm that services include regular, Hardware and software checks for upgrades and the most recent security patches. Services must include monitoring of your systems hours every day, seven days a week allowing the ability to recognize and address potential issues before they have the chance to escalate to emergency situations or service outages to the supplier. This monitoring needs to encompass the security such as antivirus, email and your firewall and antivirus solutions.

Backups and Remote Data Storage

Be certain to choose a vendor that has the capacity to restore your systems under any circumstances in case of data or disaster reduction; if caused by disgruntled employee a security breach, virus or disaster. This level of service ought to be offered through both the local and remote backup and storage capacities from theĀ Phoenix managed service providers and regulated by a solid backup program whose efficacy should be regularly verified through regular test restores of information you can never be too careful with your critical company and client data.


Any services supplier must supply general system performance, potential problem areas and service reports status and areas of opportunity for improvement. This data should give you the information you need so as to make better business decisions concerning your own information and technology solutions with the goal of encouraging you are budgeting for infrastructure and technology improvements that will continue to lower your costs, improve your efficiencies, mitigate business pain and reduce risk.


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